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  These six views of Smyrna were taken 12th March 2017
Reproduced here courtesy of Mr Dan Minto
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Rev'd Alwyn Evans BA
16 october 2016
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Pastor Phillip Denyer

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Rev. Alun J Petty

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Smyrna 1970s

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Rev.Aled Jenkins

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Rev. George Bowen

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Rev.Harold Jones

oldbaptistry03-2011.jpg (55173 bytes)

Old Baptistry
March 2011

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The Pulpit
Communion Table

newbaptistery-07-2011.jpg (46809 bytes)

New Baptistry
July 2011

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Rev. Ian Burley

pastors-03.jpg (67592 bytes)

Ministers of Smyrna

organ-03.jpg (115422 bytes)

Peter David (L)
David Spratt (R)

reedorgan-1970.jpg (20701 bytes)

Former Reed Organ

organ-04.jpg (41078 bytes)

Peter David FNCM

gazzette1963.jpg (753208 bytes) 
A Labour of Love
revglynthomas-001.jpg (196434 bytes)

Rev. Glyn Thomas

page-o1.jpg (36990 bytes)

Original Organ

page-o3.jpg (52155 bytes)

The Console

page-o2.jpg (29886 bytes)

Restored Organ

revronalssevans.jpg (98572 bytes) 

Rev.Ronald Evans

buildingbaptistry.jpg (45343 bytes) 

The Workers

revwilliamghill.jpg (30365 bytes)

Rev William Hill
Left to Right
The 'Smyrna' first pastorate  ~ The 'Smyrna' second pastorate
Later life ~ Pastor of Beulah Mission Hall, Aberkenfig 

pic-vestry-01.jpg (69592 bytes) 

The Vestry



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