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James Dare
23rd December 2008

In loving memory of James Dare.
Born November 5

Passed to his heavenly home December 23rd 2008.

Jim as he was known was Secretary of "Smyrna" from 1971 until his death in
2008, 37 years. He is greatly missed by his Wife, Children
Families, and also his second family at "Smyrna" who miss him very much.

The following is a report of Jim's Funeral reported in the Church Magazine by Miss Delyth Parry, Member of All Saints Church Penyfai.

Jim Dare Remembered

James Dare, or Jim Dare, as most people knew him, was a person highly respected and loved by all those who knew him.


It was with a sad heart that crowds filled Smyrna Chapel and a large crowd assembled outside, on Saturday January 3rd. Those outside braved the freezing cold, to join with those of us lucky enough to be inside, to pay our final respects to Jim. 


We were joined by past ministers, representatives from the Baptist Union, as well as the present mi nister, to hear of Jim's unceasing and tireless work in the chapel.


He was a man who devoted his time to his chapel and his Lord, serving as organist, deacon and secretary of the church. He could also be called upon to take services and preach when the need arose, not only in his beloved Smyrna but also in other chapels in the wider community. He never stinted in his work and was always ready to help others and offer support. 


A man respected and loved by alI.


He was also a man with a sense of humour and we heard many stories about him, which made all laugh - I think on hearing them Jim would be laughing himself. 


We heard from the various ministers about his dedication, commitment and love not only towards his beloved family but also towards his chapel and Saviour.


He is a man who will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege to know him.


During the service we also learned that he was a man of hidden talent, writing poetry in his spare time. One of these poems was read for all to hear and I include this for all to read.


The Sabbath Day


On Sunday morn I wake to pray,
It is a very special day,
This day God named the day of rest,
This holy day is richly blessed.

And in its quietness I find,
A steadfast faith and peace of mind,
And as my heart o'erflows in praise,
My spirit keeps within his ways.

The bells ring out a gospel call,
An invite to his children all,
To come into the house of God,
To praise the greatness of the lord.

God be close to us today,
And give us bread along life's way,
The bread of heaven is our plea,
Our spirits hunger lord for thee.

So bless us on the homeward way,
And keep us in thy care today,
Until this weary life is o'er,
When we shall praise you evermore.


James Dare


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