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We support with food gifts the important 
Bridgend Food-Bank

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of how you may donate food items

Bridgend Shelter for the Homeless

As part of our charitable activities the members support the centre in Bridgend town that cares for those who are homeless and have to live in rough situations and even on our streets.  The group of people who operate this centre give support by arranging for people to have a shower and some food in the way of soups and breakfast.  They also provide clothing, bedding and other comforts for the cold weather. 

We feel sure you will agree these are very worthwhile acts of front-line charity.  May we appeal as well for donations of items that can help to alleviate a little of the horrors of living in a shop doorway, or of trying to feed a hungry child.  We seek any or all of the following new, used, unwanted, or even specially purchased, items:

Hygiene & Comfort: 
Washing gels, Soaps, Towels of all kinds , Razors, surplus Blankets and Bedding, etc.

Clothing (for men and women):

Anoraks, Sweaters, Overcoats, Gloves, Scarves, Hats, Suits, Shirts, Socks, Shoes, etc.
(NON Perishable ONLY please)
Canned Meat, Fish, Veg, Beans. Pasta, Cereals, Sauces, Soups, Jams, Long-life Milk, etc.
Please telephone 
Wallace Clifford ~ 01656 674 184
to deliver articles or to request collection
Our help is important in the beginning of this cold weather, 
but is on-going all year round, so please let us 
"keep in mind always these needs of others"    


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